Scout Alley
Scout Alley is the collective brainchild of a group of like-minded individuals who have a passion for unique stuff and supporting those fun, Main Street Shops and Auction Houses that sell it. We recognize that there are lots of great ways to buy and sell online, but none of them seem to capture the spirit of the "hunt" for rare, unique items. Not to mention, the "other guys" (as we will refer to the competition), want to charge an arm and a leg to "help" Businesses sell their stuff, gouging deeply into their pockets while not really helping them be found.
That's where we got the idea for Scout Alley - to connect those unique Main Street Shops and Auction Houses, and all the amazing things they sell and auction, with the Scouts looking for that hidden gem. Basically to allow Businesses to run their business online, just as they would offline in their Shop or Auction House. And allow Scouts to browse and "scout" the same way, but from the comfort of their living room (or from work - we won't tell).


Meet the team

An image showing all the Scout Alley Team Members and their positions.